Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Rajean Moone


This qualitative research study will explore the role of adult day social workers in identifying and mitigating caregiver burnout. To collect data for this study, eight semi-structured interviews with adult day social workers were completed to analyze their experience with caregivers, their role in recognizing burnout and their response to caregivers experiencing burnout. A grounded theory methodology approach will be used to analyze data. This method will use an open-coding process that will lead to selective coding, which will assist in identifying and validating themes and concepts from the participant’s responses to interview questions. The findings from this study indicate the strong role adult day social workers play in identifying burnout among caregivers by providing support that aligns with best practices in the adult day setting. Further research in this area will also assist social workers in the continuation of best practice development and to be effective in providing the needed support of caregivers on a mental, psychological, physical and emotional levels.


caregiver, caregiver burdern, caregiver burnout, adult day services, dementia, older adults

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