The Effects of Empowerment on Case Consultation in the Self-managed Team Environment


Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Jeong-Kyun Choi


This study examined the effects of empowerment on the efficacy of case consultation and clinical supervision in the self-managed team environment. The literature reviewed for this study showed a lack of research regarding self-managed work teams in the mental health field as well as a lack of research regarding empowerment as related to case consultation and clinical supervision. This study surveyed individuals who were part of a self-managed team in a mental health organization. The survey used demographic questions, scaling items, and open ended questions to gather information regarding respondents and their perceptions of empowerment, psychological safety, and the efficacy of case consultation in both self-managed team and hierarchical environments. Findings of this study indicate a correlation between perceptions of empowerment and the efficacy of case consultation and clinical supervision. There was not a significant relationship between empowerment and psychological safety. A correlation was found to exist between psychological safety and case consultation. Implications for practice in the social work and mental health fields would include training, programs, and policies to sustain the empowering capacity of self-managed teams and case consultation efficacy. Implications also point to a need for further research to determine if the findings of this study would be replicated.


empowerment, case consultation, clinical supervision, self-managed team

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