Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Mary Tinucci


The impacts of supervision on social workers who experience client suicidal behavior is outlined in this research, as well as recommendations for social workers, social work supervisors and agencies now to create a more effective supervisory experience in the event of a client suicide attempt or completion. This qualitative research study surveyed 64 social workers who either identified as a Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Graduate Social Worker or Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker to explore social workers experiences in supervision after they experienced a client suicide attempt or completion. The themes that arose in the research included: positive feelings experienced in supervision, negative feelings experienced in supervision, feelings expressed by the respondent in supervision and actions taken by the supervisor in supervision. A discussion of the similarities and differences between current literature and the research findings is outlines, as well as implications for further research, clients, social workers, supervisors and agencies.


social work, supervision, client suicidal behavior, secondary trauma stress, burnout

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