Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Mary Tinucci


Foster care youth are faced with many academic difficulties throughout their childhood and adolescence such as an increased risk of academic failure, higher drop-out rates, special education placement, and grade repetition. The researcher identified six articles that explored various educational interventions aimed to improve the academic outcomes for foster care youth. This exploratory study evaluated the selected interventions research methods, measurement tools, and findings. The findings identified three common themes: tutoring interventions, school stability interventions, and exploratory interventions. These themes mirror the results of past literature regarding academic interventions for foster care students, demonstrating differing efficacy and results among all three types of the identified interventions. Due to the differing methods and tools of measurement being used in each identified study, all three categories of interventions included studies that did not yield significant results, as well as studies that demonstrated positive academic gains. Implications to social work practice, policy, and continuing research are discussed.


foster care, academic interventions, educational success

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