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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Michael Chovanec


More students with disabilities, both visible and nonvisible, are attending postsecondary institutions. In order for these students to be successful, there needs to be collaboration between students, professors, and disability support services. Engaging students with disabilities and helping them succeed is an integral part of the postsecondary experience. Students with disabilities face challenges in postsecondary education that students without disabilities won’t face. This systematic review aims to identify the best practices of accommodating students with disabilities. A total of 12 articles were reviewed, including both qualitative and quantitative studies. Some of the studies suggested that a caring environment and a positive relationship between the student and professor were important in the success of the students. A majority of the articles focused somewhat on barriers to success, which was also a focus of this systematic review. The results of this study indicate that attitudes around disability accommodations are integral to their utilization and that strong relationships between the professors, students, and disability support staff are also beneficial.


disabilities, accommodations, postsecondary education

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