“Yes, I Feel Stronger with More Confidence and Strength”: Examining the Experiences of Immigrant Latina Women Participating in the Sí, Yo Puedo Curriculum


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In 2011-2013, a qualitative exploratory study was conducted to examine the experiences of 36 immigrant Latina women who participated in a culturally specific 11-week curriculum - Sí Yo Puedo - in a psycho-educational group format. Using action research as a research design, four groups were conducted over a 2-year period at a community health clinic in a Midwestern city. Through the application of content analysis, this study examined themes that emerged in the data after completion of the program. Participants reported on their group experience and changes in self-esteem and relationship dynamics. Findings indicated participants' knowledge of domestic violence and healthy relationships increased. Implications for mental health professionals include utilization of the program toward education and the promotion of healthy relationships among Latina women.





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Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research

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Marrs Fuchsel, C. L. (2014). 'Yes, I feel stronger with more confidence and strength': Examining the experiences of immigrant Latina women participating in the Sí, Yo Puedo Curriculum. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 9(2), 161-182.

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