Use of College Mental Health Services among Student Veterans


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college counseling center, mental health, student service members, student veterans


Because today's service members/veterans-who on average experience mental health concerns at rates that are higher than those of their civilian counterparts-are attending institutions of higher education in record numbers, it is important to gain a better sense of how to support military-connected populations within campus settings. This study examined the association between mental health symptoms and use of college/university campus mental health services in a national sample of 706 college student veterans. Specifically, the prevalence of campus mental health service use among student veterans was examined and the characteristics of student veterans who accessed campus mental health services were identified. Analyses were performed using data from the 2011 National College Health Assessment (NCHA) II conducted by the American College Health Association and were guided by Andersen's Behavioral Model of Healthcare Utilization. Findings from our study revealed that, although access to and utilization of campus-based mental health services by service member and veteran students are high, little is known about whether or not those services are evidence-based for service member and veteran students. Recommendations for future best practices will be discussed.





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Best Practices in Mental Health

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Albright, D. L., Fletcher, K. L., Pelts, M. D., & Taliaferro, L. (2017). Use of college mental health services among student veterans. Best Practices in Mental Health, 13(1), 65-79.

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