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small group theory, evaluation


A survey of 54 school social workers indicated that they use group work extensively in their practice to address a number of student issues. Cognitive behavioral theories were most commonly used to guide these groups, and workers rarely identified the use of small group theory as a conceptual framework. Groups were less frequent at the secondary level, and sessions were longer. Family change groups were more common at the elementary level. The method of funding the social work position had no affect on kinds or numbers of groups school social workers facilitated. Respondents did not identify use of small group theory as a conceptual framework, but they addressed group dynamics and group developmental stages. They used activities extensively and adapted published curriculum to meet member needs.

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Social Work with Groups

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Garrett, K.J. (2004). Use of groups in school social work: Group work and group processes. Social Work with Groups, 27(2/3), 75-92.

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