The University of St. Thomas Journal of Law & Public Policy is a student-run organization that promotes modern legal thought through analysis of contemporary public policy. It hopes to raise awareness and provide expert thought on timely public policy issues by utilizing several forums, including academically-rigorous symposia, publication of articles, community events, and the like. It welcomes all viewpoints in order to sharpen and improve the public policies of the state and federal governments of the United States of America. By strengthening professional relationships, utilizing practical skills for the workplace, and stimulating scholarly discussion, JLPP seeks to provide students with an opportunity to develop their critical skills and to make a meaningful contribution to legal professionals and American society.

Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1: The Return of Public Goods




RISE To Thrive: Student-Centered System-Wide Education Transformation

Elizabeth M. Chu, Madeline Sims, Michael Arrington, Alejandra Teresa Vazquez Baur, and Denise Recinos




How is a Community Urban Garden Program Related to the Law? Analysis of Hortas Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Felipe Jardim, Angela Moulin Simoes Penalva Santos, Dennis Eversberg, and Emerson Moura