Current Membership 2016-2017


Patrick O’Neill

Managing Editor

Myriah Bielinski

Articles Editor

Jennifer Parell

Symposium Editor/Public Relations Director

Derek Stewart

Recruitment Director

Taylor Hein


Holly Ryan

Publications Director

Derek Stewart

Associate Editors

Chelsea Barr

Sarah Bryant

Janelle Chambers

Lauren Clements

Brittany Dingman

Clarice Fredrickson

Hannah Hanlon

Sheilagh Leary

Sam LeVahn

Joshua Nuckols

Megan Oliver

Eric Penniston

Nicole Raebel

Molly Sigler

Clinton Stroeing


Become a Member

Each spring, first year students are given the opportunity to participate in a Write On Competition held by the two scholarly journals at St. Thomas. Invitations to join the journals are extended to students based on their performance in the class room and the results of the competition.

Although the majority of the articles published by the Journal are written by the speakers from the yearly symposia, students may also submit notes or comments to the Journal. In the event that a student submitted note or comment is published by the Journal, that student will be extended an invitation to join the Journal as an associate editor.

For membership questions, please direct all inquiries to Recruitment Director Taylor Hein at hein8053@stthomas.edu.


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