Current Staff 2022 - 2023


Micayla BItz

Managing Editor:

Emily Toms

Articles Editors:

Lena Atchan
Megan Miller

Publications Editors:

Isabella Spence
Jack Thram

Symposium Editor:

Marshall Kelner

Submissions Editor:

Abby Sokolowski

Membership Editor:

Abigail Seeley

Digital Communications Editor:

Kyla Krohn

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Mitchell Gordon
Senior Editors:

Carrie Anderson
Louisa Botten
T.J. Bowman
Sadie Buckel
Cortney Buesgens
Trysten Cisney
Hallie Cooper
Danielle Marshall
Dylan Thorson

Associate Editors:

Julia Abreu Siufi
Zekriah Chaudhry
Xingdu (Maggie) Chen
Camryn Davis
Paige Dobberstein
Liesl F. Holum
Matthew Koop
Taylor Kugler
Arissa Lewis
Joseph Maney
Abigail Moser
Kiley Munsey
Sheldon Noess
C. Eric Osborn
Grace Pilz
Mason P. Rademacher
Tess Register
Taryn Reichow
Adam Revoir
Rebecca Schmit
David J. Scott
Alena Stankaitis
Naomi Voehl


Former Journal Staff Information

Each link below will display a PDF of the publication masthead for the year indicated.

2003-04 - Volume 1
2004-05 - Volume 2
2005-06 - Volume 3
2006-07 - Volume 4
2007-08 - Volume 5
2008-09 - Volume 6
2009-10 - Volume 7
2010-11 - Volume 8
2011-12 - Volume 9
2012-13 - Volume 10
2013-14 - Volume 11
2015-16 - Volume 12
2016-17 - Volume 13
2017-18 - Volume 14
2018-19 - Volume 15
2019-20 - Volume 16
2020-21 - Volume 17
2021-22 - Volume 18
2022-23 - Volume 19

Join the Journal

The Law Journal and Journal of Law and Public Policy team up each year to hold a "write-on" competition through which both journals gain new members from the University of St. Thomas School of Law student body. The competition is held the week after 1L spring semester finals each year, and involves a 10-page closed memo assignment and an editing exercise. The Journal accepts approximately 24 new members from each 1L class, 12 of which may gain entry through a good faith effort on the competition combined with their class rank after 1L year, and 12 of which gain entry through competition score alone. Part-time students and transfer students may also be eligible to compete.

Outside of the write-on competition, students may gain entry to the Journal if their Note or Comment is accepted for publication. Visit the Submissions page for more information about submitting a student piece.

An informational lunch regarding the write-on is held before the end of second semester -- look for announcements at that time. Students are also encouraged to attend Journal symposia throughout the year. If you have any questions about Journal membership, contact next year's Membership Editor, Abigail Seeley at abigail.seeley@stthomas.edu.

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