Each year the University of St. Thomas Law Journal hosts two symposia and one shorter lecture. One symposium is held each semester, and the Law Journal lecture generally occurs in the fall. Each symposium features up to 15 presenters, most of whom will produce an article related to the symposium topic for publication in the Law Journal.  

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Recent Symposia Materials

Spring 2016 Symposium: Can Sanctuary Keep Communities Secure? Legal, Moral and Historical Considerations

Panel 1: What does Sanctuary mean?

  1. Virgil Wiebe, University of St. Thomas School of Law, “Immigration Federalism in Minnesota, 2001-16” (Presentation 1) (Presentation 2)

Panel 2: Crimmigration and Federal Removal Policies: from Secure Communities to Priority Enforcement

  1. Christopher Lasch, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, “Deconstructing the Crimmigration Pipeline” 
  2. (Slideshow)
  1. Sirine Shebaya, Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, “Has the Priority Enforcement Program Solved the Constitutional Problems with ICE Detainers?” 
  2. (Slideshow)
  1. Carrie Rosenbaum, Golden Gate University School of Law, “Crimmigration Enforcement’s Permanent Legitimacy Problem”
  2. (Slideshow)

Panel 3: Cooperation or Conflict? Federal, State, Local and Civic Dynamics in the Deportation Debate

  1. Caitlin Barry, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, “The Right to Remain in Safety: The Impact of Community Leadership on Philadelphia’s Immigration Policies” (video)
  1. Huyen Pham, Texas A&M University School of Law, “Modeling Cooperation: How Federal and Subfederal Authorities Should Work Together to Enforce Immigration Laws” 
  2. (Slideshow)

Fall 2015 Symposium: Dispute System Design: Justice, Accountability and Impact

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  2. p1_S3_St_Thomas_Colin_Rule_Modria
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