University of St. Thomas Law Journal
2022 Fall Symposium

A Roadmap for Law School Modernity: Teaching Technology Competence

The University of St. Thomas Law Journal invites the community to attend our 2022 fall Symposium.

Friday, November 4, 2022 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM



8:00 AM: Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM: Welcome and Introduction - Joel Nichols, Interim Dean and Associate Dean Michael Robak, University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minnesota

8:45 AM Keynote Address- Navigating Legal Ethics and Law School Curricula: Attempting to Find Technology Competency Without a Compass - Katie Brown and Jessica de Perio Wittman

Crafting the Roadmap Part 1: Framing the Curriculum
9:30 AM: Panel
Legal Technology Literacy: A Framework for Envisioning a Technologically Competent Lawyer - Michelle Hook Dewey, Patrick Parsons and Kris Niedringhaus

10:00 AM: Panel
Ignorance is Not Bliss: Educating Lawyers and Law Students about the High Cost of Shirking the Duty of Technology Competency - Justice (ret.) John Browning
A Rubric for Analyzing Legal Technology Along the Ethicical Benefits/Risks Continuum - Iantha Haight

10:40 AM: Break

Crafting the Roadmap Part 2: Pedagogical Considerations
10:50 AM: Panel
Technological Competence as a Compass for Helping to Close the Justice Gap - Drew Simshaw
Teaching Professional Responsibility Students about the Disparate Impact of the Lawyer's Ethical Duty of Technological Competence - Jennifer Brobst

11:30 AM: Panel
What Does Relevant Mean to You? Creating a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Technology Competency Framework - Jenny Wondracek
"Purposefully Vague" or Problematic?: Why Lawyers Need to Define the Duty of Tech Competence - Ashley Arrington
Technology Competence in the Real World - Beth Parker

12:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Panel
Making Law Practice Technology Instruction More Experiential - Jacob Sayward
Microtraining Technology Competencies Through Interdepartmental Partnerships - Eliza Boles
Understanding Our Digital Fingerprints: Metadata, Competency, and the Future Practice of Law - Stacey Rowland

2:50 PM: Break

Crafting the Roadmap Part 3: Testing Competency
3:00 PM: Panel
Technology Competency for Law Students - Korin Munsterman
Open Source as an Open Road for Technology Competency Testing - Artie Berns
The Ultimate Assessment: Is Technology Among the Competencies Tested by the MPRE - Amy Emerson

Part 4: Reading the Roadmap
4:00 PM
Damien Riehl, Vice President of Litigation Workflow and Analytics Content at Fastcase


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Steven Nowak
Symposium Editor, University of St. Thomas Law Journal

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